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This document contains a number of crucial points that are part of a new colleague's induction period. This way, you won't forget anything and you can get started right away!

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What to expect?

Onboarding new staff can be quite a challenge. This period lays the foundation for a pleasant and productive collaboration. In addition to the fact that your new colleague has to get to know the team and the organization, the range of tasks must also be coordinated in the right way.

Since you are involved in so many different things, some structure and guidance is never wrong! That's why we have the

For whom?

The HACCP e-learning is important for organizations with people who work in food production, processing and distribution.


The e-learning consists of interactive modules with practical practical examples and a final test. The e-learning content is adaptable to your work process, so that the e-learning fits well with the procedures and tasks of employees.

01. Introduction

02. Food safety

2.1. Importance of food safety

2.2. Types of food hazards


3.1. Definition of HACCP

3.2. Seven HACCP principles

04. HACCP application in our company

4.1. Personal hygiene

4.2. Cleaning & Disinfection

4.3. Receipt of goods

4.4. Storage

4.5. Temperature

4.6. Pest Control & Waste Management

4.7. Traceability & Recall

4.8. Allergen Management

05. Test your knowledge

5.1. Final test information

5.2. Final test

5.3. Retake

06. Closing

What are the benefits?


The template is easily adaptable to your organization and work process.

Minimize risks

After this e-learning, your employees understand how to act in the workplace to work in a food-safe way.

Save time on training

This e-learning enables your employees to learn at a time that suits their own schedule. This saves a lot of time compared to classroom training.


During an audit, it is possible to show exactly which training courses were completed by employees and when. So you can demonstrate that you are working safely during the inspection.

Measurable Progress

Monitor your team's progress with measurable results and make sure everyone is up to date with the latest safety regulations.

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