The electronic learning environment for secondary education.

With Pluvo, you can set up your own electronic learning environment. In just a few clicks, you can create your own online lesson with study tips or homework instructions. Or you can add existing e-learnings to your electronic learning environment.

More than 600 organisations organise their learning with Pluvo

Pluvo in secondary education

With an electronic learning environment in secondary education, you can benefit from the benefits of online education. This way, your students have access to teaching materials anywhere and at any time. Pluvo offers the tools to get the most out of your learning environment. Add game elements to the learning experience, personalise online lessons and develop a real test situation with a time limit.

Create lessons and tests

Creating your own teaching materials has never been so easy. In just a few clicks, you can create beautiful online lessons and tests. Fill them with various forms of content, such as images, videos, text, audio clips, or different types of quiz questions.

Portfolio & submission orders

By means of submission assignments, you encourage your students to actively work on the subject matter themselves. In the portfolio, you collect the work per student in one place, where you provide immediate feedback.


In the library, you can add other teaching materials so that your students can find them at any time. This way, you don't have to cram large pieces of text into one online lesson and you give everyone the opportunity to continue learning.

But that's not all

Pluvo is full of extra functionalities that make your electronic learning environment for secondary education even more complete and effective.

Analyze progress

With Pluvo, you get the opportunity to run clear reports with results achieved. These consist of relevant information, such as answers given to questions or the average length of a lesson.

Personalised learning

You can easily tailor the e-learnings to each student's preferences, so that they can learn at your own level and pace. Does anyone get a low score? Automatically open an additional lesson.


If you have any questions, your students can easily reach you (and each other) via chat. In this way, documents, answers and experiences can be shared with each other for optimal learning outcomes.

“I experience Pluvo as an energetic and dynamic organisation with short lines of communication. In collaboration, we have developed an e-learning that perfectly matches our goals!”

Nick Verwaaij

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