Blended learning for Code 95 and VCA, among others, by Crescendo training center

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“I experience Pluvo as an energetic and dynamic organisation with short lines of communication. In collaboration, we have developed an e-learning that perfectly matches our goals!”

Martin Bronkhorst


Training Center Crescendo has been using Pluvo to support their courses for a long time. Online, they prepare their students for the practice of various courses. A great form of blended learning that we would love to hear more about from Pluvo. That's why we spoke to Martin Bronkhorst, trainer & online learning manager at Crescendo.

What does Crescendo do?

Crescendo Training Center is the training partner for companies in construction, infrastructure and logistics. Crescendo offers a complete range of training courses. From TCVT driver courses, associated refresher courses, training courses for forklift and aerial work platforms, BHV, VCA, DLP and OPM to Instructions for working safely with various machines. And, of course, Code 95.

What is e-learning for?

E-learning is used within Crescendo to prepare for the practical part of a course or course. A big advantage here is that there is more speed in the course. Online, someone can be prepared for, for example, an exam in a short time.

For example, e-learning is currently being used for the VCA, Code 95 and TCVT driver courses. Crescendo wants to expand this offer considerably.

Martin: We want to put almost all training courses in Pluvo. After all, we don't want to have textbooks anymore: e-learning suits us much better!

Martin mentions the advantages of e-learning that:

  • The preparation by students is now much better;
  • A lot of time is saved;
  • Many more students can follow a training course in 1 day;
  • Videos and material can be viewed multiple times;
  • The progress and scores are transparent;
  • Students can easily get a personalised certificate.

Why Pluvo?

Martin and his colleagues now use Pluvo every day and only have plans to add more training courses to Pluvo.

Martin: Pluvo is easy to use. The platform is there: all you have to do is add your own materials! In addition, the people at Pluvo are involved and always help you out if you run into something.

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