ARTIS welcomes new volunteers with Pluvo

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“Using videos, quiz questions, interactive maps, audio and text, new volunteers learn everything about the history of the park and the different locations”


In recent months, Pluvo's e-learning experts have been among monkeys, elephants and birds. For ARTIS Indeed, an online academy was set up for volunteers.

Why e-learning?

ARTIS has approximately 350 volunteers. They are at various locations in the park to tell visitors more about the animals and plants, give tours or are in one of the museums such as the Groote Museum or Micropia. Of course, new volunteers must be trained before they can start. From now on, this is happening in Pluvo, where volunteers take in the knowledge at their own pace.

Thanks to the new way of working in Pluvo, the volunteers at ARTIS learn about the animals and plants in the park at their own pace.

What do the e-learnings look like?

E-learning is a perfect medium for this. Using videos, quiz questions, interactive maps, audio and text, new volunteers learn everything about the history of the park and about the different locations with all their details. Two ARTIS biologists recorded a video for each module in Pluvo's studio. In addition, volunteers find a lot of extra information and reference work in the knowledge base.

What does it give?

The first volunteers are enthusiastic: “I've seen a lot of e-learning, but this is finally a professional one,” agreed one of the participants. In addition, the new way of working saves the ARTIS team a lot of time, because the practical information that was previously sent via various emails can now be shared via Pluvo in advance.

The online academy saves ARTIS a lot of time because practical information can be shared via Pluvo in advance.

What are the plans for the future?

In the future, in addition to their volunteers, ARTIS also hopes to offer their employees training courses via Pluvo. The project was therefore concluded with a Pluvo workshop, so that the team will soon be able to develop e-learnings themselves. We wish ARTIS the best of luck in training their volunteers and employees!

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