Time management is no magic wand. But it does help!

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Useful time management tips for all people who also have (too) many balls in the air. Time management in a nutshell.

Do you also work in 3D?

Huh, 3D?

Yes, definitely. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Studies show that more and more people are going through their lives by having to keep too many balls in the air. That's not surprising.

Of course, in the past, people also had to combine their work with a (often large) family. But with the arrival of this oh so handy computer technology, something else came into play: 24-hour accessibility. Includes increased workload. And let our brain not be well prepared for that yet!

Actually, yesterday

We have had non-stop access to an unlimited amount of information. Employers and customers count on you to find your way around it with agility. E-mails must be answered immediately.

If that doesn't go fast enough, we'll just throw in an extra whatsapp.

Projects you receive today must be completed “actually yesterday”. You feel your cheeks getting warmer, tossing in your bed at night and panting like a mail horse.

The easiest words don't come to mind anymore and there are small cracks in your always so super-tight work.

Hey, stop!

That's not going well.

There are times when you have to sit back for a while.

For example, to read a blog like this. Or about a course time management to follow.

Although time management isn't a magic wand that solves all the woes at once, it does help to teach yourself some handy tricks to help you retire healthily.

With the added advantage that you will also work more efficiently and better. Doesn't sound wrong, right?

5 time management tips to balance

Of course, there are many more good ideas that can help you regain peace and overview. But we want to give you the tips that work best for ourselves.

Tip 1: Talk about it

Put the daily schedule on the agenda of your work meeting. Ask your colleagues how they prefer to work.

  • What moments of rest do they want?
  • Do they like it when questions are asked by email, or would they prefer someone to stop by and discuss?
  • Should the window be opened or closed?
  • Can the radio be turned on, or does that affect concentration?

Especially in an office garden, these kinds of (seemingly banal) things can become a hotbed of constructive tension. Of course, don't forget to put your own wishes on the table too.

Tip 2: Make choices

Cologne and Aachen weren't built in a day. And even you can't witch.

In other words: you can't do everything at the same time. So make choices. Such an old-fashioned list that you can check off still works well even today.

Start the day by listing everything that needs to be done. What needs to be done? Does it have to be finished NOW or can it wait? Do you necessarily have to do it or can your colleague actually take over?

Tip 3: Make sure your workplace is quiet

Do you have a difficult job to do? Or come up with a super creative idea tomorrow? Then give yourself a suitable workplace.

Of course, you start with a desk that is as tidy as possible and a chair in the right position. Then shut yourself off from the outside world for a while. Let your colleagues know that you shouldn't be interrupted for a while

Did you know that every interruption, no matter how sweet (“do you still want coffee?”) , takes you 12 minutes to get back into focus?

Call on silent, mail out and go with that banana.

Tip 4: Do it. For yourself

A person is not made to sit without interruption.

No matter how busy you are, don't be tempted to have a sandwich behind your screen so you can keep going.

Your concentration decreases if you don't take a break in time. Schedule a small break in your agenda every hour. Then don't stay seated, but stand up.

Make a pit stop, walk to a different area, get coffee and take a few deep breaths.

And give yourself the luxury of walking outside after lunch. Really, you work a lot better afterwards!

Tip 5: There is work. And there is private

If you're still working on our tip 1, make agreements about this right away: work is work. Private is private.

App groups of colleagues that go on late into the evening about work-related issues intersect with your work-life balance.

Structurally open the laptop at home to still get that work job done? Don't do it.

Before you know it, the boundaries are blurring and you (even if only in your mind) are only busy with your work. End your working day consciously by taking stock of what you've done and what you're going to pick up tomorrow.

If necessary, write that down.

And then enjoy your evening or weekend. And if we are allowed to interfere with that too: don't plan that free time full of obligations and energy guzzlers. You must be able to refuel.

Get into your workflow

So far, some ideas to get and stay better in your workflow. Share them with your colleagues, talk to each other if someone is about to gallop into their agenda.

Sometimes you can see it razor-sharp in front of someone else, while you have blinders on yourself.

Have you been inspired? That's good, because we have many more tips on offer, including useful tools to train yourself and your colleagues in their time management. If you want to know more about that, sign up for our newsletter below!

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