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“In particular, it's the customer focus - thinking along, providing an overview, making things simple - that made choosing Pluvo easy”

Joan Hoexum

Vitality Solutions

What does Vitality Solutions do?

“Vitality Solutions is the market leader in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),” says founder and CEO Joan Hoexum. “We offer customized (business) training courses for personal development and effective communication.

In addition, our certified coaches provide one-on-one coaching programs with the aim of empowering people again. Government and companies come to us for advice on leadership processes. This often involves a combination of team coaching, workshops and individual coaching”.

Why Pluvo?

“For a large customer who became interested in a blended learning offer, I went to see which companies in the Netherlands offer an e-learning platform. In addition, I quickly caught my eye on Pluvo because of the accessibility of their platform,” explains Joan.

“As an entrepreneur, I don't want to spend too much time discovering all the functionalities myself. I quickly got to know the people behind Pluvo better. In particular, it's their customer focus - thinking along, providing an overview, making things simple - that made choosing Pluvo easy”.

How exactly do you use Pluvo?

“I use Pluvo for clients such as the government, who are looking for a variety of learning opportunities for their employees. In addition to part of training or workshop live online or on location, e-learning offers extra support. This is because here participants will find repetition, deepening, extra exercises and information in the online library. In addition, I use the platform to offer short online training courses via the Vitality Solutions website”.

How did you experience our Pluvo services?

“I like the clarity of the platform,” says Joan. “In addition, I really like the service. At Pluvo, people think along with you, respond quickly to questions and are always friendly and patient”.

What tip do you have for organizations that also want to develop e-learning?

“If you think you have clear ideas about your own e-learning, put it aside for a moment and listen carefully to what the people at Pluvo recommend first. They are experienced and didactically savvy”.

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