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How do you prevent digital fatigue? We give tips in this blog!

More and more online. That's what we are. Hours a day. Perhaps even more since the Covid pandemic. Online work, online learning, online meetings, online communities, online hobbies, online gaming and so on. When we add up our screen time, we are often shocked by the large number of hours we spend in front of the computer, laptop, tablet, and phone.

On the one hand, this naturally makes our life a lot easier. We have less travel time, work more efficiently, and can stay home comfortably with our own cup of coffee and a blanket on our lap.

However, research shows that there are also risks to the “digital era” we are living in today. In this blog, we explain these challenges and share solutions to prevent digital fatigue. We also discuss how you can use an e-learning platform such as Pluvo to get ahead of and stay ahead of digital fatigue.

Microsoft has recent research done to the causes of digital fatigue, and the results are remarkable. After all, it's not just staring at a screen for hours that causes this fatigue. The study shows that a third of remote workers say that the removal of work-life boundaries has had a negative impact on their health. In addition, 30% of employees say that the feeling of impending burnout has increased as a result of the pandemic and the increased time they spend at the computer. Participating in many meetings via video also appears to be a significant risk of fatigue. It is also remarkable that one in five managers is concerned about the health of their staff. So pretty serious numbers! What can we do about this?

Tips for online employees to prevent digital fatigue

1. Set clear boundaries between work and private life

Create a separate workspace in the house and stick to a fixed schedule.

Really close your workspace when you're not working (close the door, for example) to avoid being constantly available.

2. Take regular breaks

Schedule short breaks throughout the day to get away from your screen.

Get up, stretch out, and take time to relax.

This can help you feel more energetic and reduce tiredness.

3. Vary the work environment

Try to change the environment from time to time, for example by working outside or in a coworking or café, or by looking for another space in the house.

A change of scenery can help break the rut and improve your concentration.

4. Limit the number of video meetings

Try to limit the number of video meetings and opt for phone calls or emails whenever possible.

This can help reduce the burden of constant exposure to screens.

5. Stay active and relax

Get plenty of physical activity throughout the day. Take regular walks, do some stretching exercises, or take an online fitness class. Physical activity can help reduce stress and maintain energy levels. Also reserve time in your calendar for relaxing activities, such as reading, meditating, or hobbies.

Taking time for yourself is essential for preventing digital fatigue and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What can employers do to prevent digital fatigue among employees?

Employers can help prevent digital fatigue among employees by promoting a healthy work-life balance, limiting the number of mandatory online meetings, encouraging regular breaks, and providing training and support on dealing with digital stress. In addition, it is important to offer flexible work schedules and to vary the ways of communicating (not only meetings, but also phone calls, on-site meetings, emails, chats), so that employees are less exposed to excessive screen use. As an employer or trainer, it is also important to lead by example yourself. By being aware of screen time yourself, taking breaks and setting boundaries between work and private life, you inspire employees to do the same.

Tips for employers & trainers to prevent digital fatigue

1. Monitor your own screen time

Lead by example: set limits on your own screen time and schedule regular breaks to disconnect from digital devices.

2. Create an ergonomic workspace

Make sure you have a comfortable and ergonomic workplace with a good chair, desk and lighting.

This can help reduce physical tension and prevent fatigue.

3. Take regular breaks and exercise

Get up and move around regularly to prevent stiffness and fatigue.

This can be as simple as taking a short walk, doing some stretching exercises, or dancing to your favorite music for a few minutes.

4. Limit multitasking

Try to avoid doing too many tasks at the same time, as this can lead to overload and fatigue.

Focus on one task at a time and take the time to complete it before moving on to the next one.

5. Maintain a good work-life balance

Set clear boundaries between work and private life and take time to relax and enjoy your free time.

This can help prevent burnout and feel more energetic while working.

6. Seek support and share experiences

Talk to colleagues, friends, or family members about your experience with digital fatigue and share tips and strategies for dealing with it.

Sharing experiences can help you feel less isolated and discover new ways to deal with digital fatigue.

How an e-learning platform like Pluvo can prevent digital fatigue

An e-learning platform is a powerful tool in the fight against digital fatigue. By integrating various learning methods and interactive elements, Pluvo offers flexibility and encourages engagement. Pluvo offers opportunities to adjust the learning pace and divide content into manageable pieces. Using multimedia, such as videos and interactive quizzes, keeps the learning experience engaging and fun. A user-friendly interface and clear navigation provide an intuitive user experience, reducing fatigue.

We hope these tips help you get started, because the “digital era is here to stay!” It is only up to us how we deal with this. Would you like to know more about how you can use Pluvo to combat digital fatigue in your company? Contact us in the chat!

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